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Third Grade Team

Q1: First and last name. Along with Position at the school.

Monica Higgins - 3rd Grade

Q2: What is your favorite evening activity?

I love lying on sandy beaches along a river and watching the stars in the sky.

Q3: What's your favorite holiday? Why?

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I enjoy spending time with my family, eating good food, and visiting with them.


Q1: First and last name. Along with Position at the school.

Tricia Snyder - 3rd Grade Teacher

 Q2: What is your favorite thing about your career?

My favorite thing about being a teaching is having the opportunity to invest in many different lives and discover the best ways to help my students learn.

 Q3: Who is your favorite author?

C.S. Lewis

 Q4: What is your favorite evening activity?

Eating a delicious meal and watching a movie.

 Q5: What's your favorite holiday? Why?

My favorite holiday is Christmas because everything. I love Christmas music, decorations, festivities and celebrating with friends and family.

 Q6: Who is your favorite teacher from grade school? Why?

Mr. McConnell was my 5th grade teacher. He was funny and caring and was my inspiration to become a teacher.

 Q7: What is your favorite subject to teach? As always give your why?

My favorite subject to teach is writing. I think writing can give us the chance to express ourselves in ways we wouldn't have been able to do otherwise.

 Q8: On a scale of 1-10, how funny do you think you are?

When I'm in a group of close friends, I would say 10 - obviously.

 Q9: What is your favorite teaching moment?

Last year, I had a conversation with a student and was able to talk to her about the strength she has to make good decisions. It was such a precious moment to be able to speak into her life. That was my favorite.

 Q10: What inspired you to become a teacher?

I think it's always something that has been a desire for me. When I was a kid, I would often play "school" with my friends. As I got older, I thought teaching was beyond me, but I had some close friends encourage me to pursue work with kids. So I went back to school to get my teaching certificate and have felt encouraged and challenged every day since. And I’ve never regretted it.

Becky Rigsby
Ashley Tuttle
Jordan Ozuna