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1st Grade

First-graders can:

  • Read and retell familiar stories
  • Use strategies (rereading, predicting, questioning, contextualizing) when comprehension breaks down
  • Use reading and writing for various purposes on their own initiative
  • Orally read with reasonable fluency
  • Use letter-sound associations, word parts, and context to identify new words
  • Identify an increasing number of words by sight
  • Sound out and represent all substantial sounds in spelling a word
  • Write about topics that are personally meaningful
  • Attempt to use some punctuation and capitalization

What teachers do:

  • Support the development of vocabulary by reading daily to the children, transcribing their language, and selecting materials that expand children's knowledge and language development
  • Model strategies and provide practice for identifying unknown words
  • Give children opportunities for independent reading and writing practice
  • Read, write, and discuss a range of different text types (poems, informational books)
  • Introduce new words and teach strategies for learning to spell new words
  • Demonstrate and model strategies to use when comprehension breaks down
  • Help children build lists of commonly used words from their writing and reading

What parents and family members can do:

  • Talk about favorite storybooks
  • Read to children and encourage them to read to you
  • Suggest that children write to friends and relatives
  • Bring to a parent-teacher conference evidence of what your child can do in writing and reading
  • Encourage children to share what they have learned about their writing and reading